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Welcome to divingcats.de

It is a pleasure to us, that you are visiting our websites.
On these pages we will present some information’s from nice places which we had visited touring the last years, in Germany and around the globe.
Of course, we know that there are many sides on the Web from different scuba-divers, diving institutions and so on, also that everyone has its own favourites, Everybody has his best locations, hotels, countries and at least resorts.
Maybe our photos are not the best ones, but we find them simply beautiful. Therfore we want to share it with others.
Beside a huge photo-database, we would like to give you some information and reports from our experiences.
If our sides will pleases you, or not – please send us your suggestions by E-Mail. In addition you can use the side “contact”. We ask for your understanding that it requires a code to send an E-Mail. But it is the only possibility preventing junk-mails.


We´re very sorry, but many pages on the english sites are still under construction - we´ll do our very best to bring it soon


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